Principal's Message

Greetings, Henry Families!   Welcome to the start of the 2020-21 school year.   This year promises to be an exciting year for the Pioneer community. I am truly honored to serve Henry Leavenworth Elementary as Principal, and thank you for the genuine support you have extended to me as I transition to my new role. I have a deep commitment to continuing to strengthen the educational opportunities we provide all students. Even in this time of unprecedented events, we are optimistic that we will be able to return to in-person instruction.  

For now, we know we cannot begin school in a traditional format. But it is essential to reestablish in-home routines to help students prepare for the first days of school. This message provides answers to many of the questions posed by our families at this time and to ease your concerns about the start of the school year and how we are going to open the building safely. The day of a student attending on-site attendance should start each day by screening your child for a fever and symptoms (fever > 100, chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of smell or taste, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea--per CDC guidelines) before leaving the house. As well as making sure your child has a clean mask and filled water bottle each day of school.

Many of you wonder when your child will come to school during our hybrid restart of on-site classes. Students with the last name starting with the letters A-K will start school on Monday, August 24th.  While students with last names beginning with L-Z will start school on Tuesday, August 25th. Alternating last names A-K on Wednesday, August 26th, and designations L-Z on Thursday, August 27th, throughout the week and no school on Friday, August 28th. The following weeks students will continue A-K  on Monday & Wednesday and L-Z on Tuesday & Thursday and no school on Fridays until September 9th when we plan to have all students attend on-site.  



Who Attends:

Monday, August 24th

1st Day of School; School begins at 8:20

Students with last names beginning A-K.

Tuesday, August 25th

1st Day of SchoolSchool begins at 8:20

Students with last names beginning with L-Z.

Wednesday, August 26th

2nd Day of School; School begins at 8:20

Students with last names beginning A-K.

Thursday, August 27th

2nd Day of School; School begins at 8:20

Students with last names beginning with L-Z.

Friday, August 28th


No Students/Teacher Professional Development


Monday, August 31st

3rd Day of School; School begins at 8:20

Students with last names beginning A-K.

Tuesday, September 1st

3rd Day of School; School begins at 8:20

Students with last names beginning with L-Z.

Wednesday, September 2nd

4th Day of SchoolSchool begins at 8:20

Students with last names beginning A-K.

Thursday, September 3rd

4th Day of School; School begins at 8:20

Students with last names beginning with L-Z.

Friday, September 4th


No Students/Teacher Professional Development


Monday, September 7th


Labor Day

Tuesday, September 8th


No Students/Teacher Professional Development

Wednesday, September 9th

1st Day of School at 100% in-person. School begins at 8:20

All rigorous remote students start school.

In-person students all attend.


Rigorous remote students start school.

Arrival, Dismissal, & Tardies

Arrival and Dismissal procedures will differ slightly from last year. Each student will enter and dismiss through the same entrance and exit each day. 

  • Kindergarten, First-grade, PK, ECSE, and LS enter through the main entrance.

  • Second-grade uses entrance number 17 on the northeast corner of the building.

  • Third-grade uses entrance 16 on the northwest side of the building.

  • Fourth-grade uses entrance 12 at the back of the building near the playground.

  • Older siblings will arrive and dismiss with their younger siblings at their younger sibling’s assigned location. 


At 8:10 am, we will begin letting students in the building and school starts at 8:20 am. To minimize student-to-student interaction, please do not drop your child off before 7:55 am. Before entering the building, students will have their temperature taken and sanitize their hands. If a student has a temperature when screened as they arrive at school, students will wait 20 minutes for a temperature recheck. After the second check, if they continue to have a fever, a parent/guardian will be notified.

If your child is late to school, please proceed to the main entrance at the front of the school, ring the bell, and speak with our office staff through the intercom. They will give you guidance and directions for your child to enter the building.

At dismissal, we have the biggest change this year. Parents will pick up students in the car line, and that line will begin at the entrance of the parking lot. This year we are using a new dismissal application and process to eliminate the congregation of students for dismissal and provide extra student safety. Students will dismiss directly from the classroom as we do when we have had inclement weather. To make this work, we need your help by not filling the parking lot before we begin dismissal to allow buses to get into the lot at the end of the day. We anticipate we will have more buses this year due to fewer students transported per bus.  If you enter the parking lot before we begin school dismissal, at our new designated check-in at the entrance, you will be expected to go around and approach through the car pick up line to get checked in. 

Breakfast & Lunch

Upon arrival in the morning, students can get a grab-and-go breakfast from one of our two designated areas. They will take their breakfast and eat in the classroom at their desk. At lunchtime, food will be delivered to the classroom so students can eat at their desks with their masks removed. When they are finished, they will put their mask back on. Then they will discard trash, wash/sanitize their hands and return to seats to visit. 


Yes, we will have recess. Recess will be on a rotation zone basis. Each class will use a different zone of the outside play areas around the building, and the area their class plays in will change regularly. Students will sanitize their hands on the way to the playground, wear a mask when in small groups, and access a variety of recess equipment or individual activity bags at recess.  Students will be allowed to remove their masks during physical activities as long as they distance and stay six-feet away from others. When recess is over, students will put their masks on and sanitize upon re-entering the building.


Students will walk in the hallways keeping three-feet of distance from the person in front of them. Students will be encouraged to face forward, keep their hands behind their backs, and not touch the walls and other hallway fixtures. Again, after leaving and entering any classroom, students will sanitize their hands. 


Classes will have scheduled restroom breaks, and students will be encouraged to use the in-classroom facilities whenever available. But when students go to the restroom outside the scheduled break with their class, they will sanitize their hands before leaving the classroom, restroom break, wash their hands, and return to the classroom.


At this time, we are limited to students and staff in the building. We all know that this is not ideal and want to make the first days memorable for both students and their families. We are making our parents’ first day of school memorable by sharing videos from classes and around school throughout the day. We will use this to share all the excitement and enthusiasm for the first days. More information will be shared on Facebook. Our teachers will also be reaching out to our families, eager to connect with you and make introductions between staff and students. 

Contacting the school

  • How to get help or to carry out school business with the office.  Please call Renate or Ivy (913) 684- 1470.

  • How to contact the administrator. Please call the office to set up an appointment with administrators (913) 684 1470.

  • How to contact the teacher. Teachers usually communicate through email (best contact method), Dojo, Zoom, and Remind.

  • How to contact the Nurse. Call the front office, they will direct the call to the nurse, and she will assist you further.      

I wish everyone a most successful school year.  It is different, but you can count on Henry staff to connect and engage with our students in ways that continue to motivate them, which gives them the tools to be prepared for their future and to grow up to be widely successful. As I do, I hope that you see tremendous opportunities for us to continue to grow as an educational community. I am confident that through the implementation of our Pioneer Restart Plan and with your continued support and partnerships, we will safely open our school.


It’s great to be a Pioneer,   

Jeanette Clampitt