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Welcome to Speech-Language at Henry Leavenworth

Speech-Language services are one of the many Special Education services offered for our students. To qualify for SL services in the school, a child's speech or language skills must be determined by the Student Improvement Team including the general education teacher to be affecting their educational progress. Classroom interventions are completed with data collection. As determined by the SITeam, a referral may be made for a speech-language evaluation to determine whether a disability exists and the severity of disability.

Typical types of disabilities which are often identified with school-age students are
Articulation, Language, Pragmatics, Fluency, Voice, hearing loss, and neurological based disabilities causing a reduction in communication abilities.

By law, Speech-Language Pathologists must follow Kansas State Guidelines when making a diagnosis of a Speech-Language Disability. Students who qualify for services in the schools generally are within the moderate to severe category. If a student demonstrates a mild disability and/or do not qualify for school services, parents have the option to pursue therapy through private practice at their or their insurance expense. There is no charge for services within the schools.

In summary, to qualify for speech-language services within the schools a student must meet the following criteria:
1) Have an educational impact
2) Be diagnosed with a delay or disorder in the speech language areas. Diagnosis must be made by a Certified Speech-Language Pahologist.
3) Be determined to demonstrate potential for improvement with therapy.