Henry Leavenworth Elementary School

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This year we have adopted the B.I.S.T. (Behavior Intervention Support Team) model.  We are excited to offer all of our students a process to help them work through learning social skills, behavior management strategies, and life goals.

The life goals are:
  • I can manage an overwhelming feeling.
  • I can be okay when others around me are not.
  • I can do something even when I don’t want to.
The purpose of the BIST model is to partner with students when they are struggling and help them be accountable for their actions to make changes in their life. BIST is designed to teach and protect students via GRACE and ACCOUNTABILITY so that students can demonstrate the Goals For Life and stay out of trouble and feel successful in their learning environment.

There are basic concepts of BIST that your student will be sharing with you.

These include:
  • Safe Seat: A seat in the classroom away from other students.
  • Buddy Room: A seat in another room to help a student regroup so they may return to the safe seat.
  • Recovery/Focus Room: A place where students can go to stop acting out, calm down, prepare an apology and create a plan to stay out of trouble.
  • Think Sheet: A tool that the student completes to help him/her take ownership of the problem and create a plan to be successful.
  • Processing: Questions that the adult asks the student so he/she may take ownership, practice skills and make a plan to stay out of trouble.
  • Target Behavior Sheet: A daily visual of goals the student is working on to make life changes.
  • Triage: Daily "check-in" with an adult to assess emotions, establish focus about what it means to have a good day and formulate solutions if problems occur.
  • Class Meeting: Weekly meetings facilitated by the adult to help students solve problems, plan events and maintain a positive classroom community.
We need your partnership to ensure all students are benefiting from this process.  Together we share four goals:

We want students…
  • to be successful and learn (academic progress)
  • be trusted and respected (be liked and have friends)
  • to feel good about him/herself (high self-esteem)
  • to make good decisions and be successful (have self-control)

If you have questions or concerns please let us know how we can assist you and your child into       understanding the B.I.S.T. way!