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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Dear Henry Leavenworth Families,

As we close out November. It is a wonderful time to give thanks for the many blessings in our lives. I am certainly thankful for the many blessings in my life, including working with the amazing children, parents, teachers, and staff at Henry Leavenworth Elementary.

As the weather begins to change over the next few weeks I would like to encourage students to dress appropriately as the fresh air always does the children well and we will be going outside to recess. With that responsibility comes into place as our lost and found items begin to grow and it is amazing how many jackets we are accumulating. I encourage parents to write their students name inside of their jackets/coats as many students’ jacket/coats do look alike.

The Staff at Henry Leavenworth would like to thank all of our parents that attended Parent Teacher Conferences! The partnership that we develop between home and school enriches your children’s education and helps them be successful. We definitely cannot do it without your support!

During the month of December our Character Trait will be Cooperation. When children demonstrate self -control they have the opportunity to earn Bee Bucks and all students will need 20 Bee Bucks this quarter to attend the Bee Buck Party in December without any office referrals.

The office staff always appreciates a phone call when your student is out for the day. Please remember students get 10 excused absences and then all future absences are unexcused without a doctor’s note. So if you are making a visit to the doctor ask for a doctor’s note to bring to the school for a medical excused absence.
Many thanks,
Kevin Lunsford
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News and Announcements

Henry First Graders Participate in Photo Booth

First graders in Michelle Foster's class at Henry Leavenworth wrapped up their week before Thanksgiving Break by participating in a fun Thanksgiving-themed photo booth. Mrs. Foster provided Thanksgiving props including pilgrim hats, Native American headbands, pumpkin pie and turkey legs for the students to use in the photo booth.

Henry STEAM Club Shows Off Creations at School-Wide Assembly

The STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Mathematics) Club at Henry Leavenworth Elementary celebrated the end of their first session by hosting a school-wide assembly to demonstrate potential energy converted to kinetic energy. They built vegetable racers and competed for most distance. Naomi Alau thrilled the crowd with a run that went all the way across the stage and rammed into the wall at the other end. Naomi also developed a racer during the course of the session that went farther than all of her teammates with a distance of 11.73 meters. Way to go Naomi! You are an Engineer in the making.

Henry Students Participate in Classroom Elections

Students at Henry Leavenworth Elementary did their part to participate in Election Day. Second graders in Angie Schwalm's class and third graders in Ann Broeker's class held their own presidential elections. Students completed a voter registration card and cast their ballot for the candidate of their choice.

Henry Second Graders Enjoy Science Day Demonstrations

Second graders at Henry Leavenworth Elementary recently enjoyed an afternoon filled with science. Teachers planned a variety of demonstrations for students including constructing a tornado in a bottle and a volcano. Students enjoyed these visual representations of the science concepts they have been learning.

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Upcoming Events

Pre-K-2nd grade PTO Winter Holiday Event
Date: 12/9/2016, 6 PM 7:30 PM
Location: Henry Leavenworth Gymnasium
3rd-5th grade PTO Winter Dance
Date: 12/16/2016, 6 PM 8 PM
Location: Henry Leavenworth Gymnasium
Winter Break (NO SCHOOL)
Date: 12/22/2016
Winter Break (NO SCHOOL)
Date: 12/23/2016
Winter Break (NO SCHOOL)
Date: 12/24/2016